How Useful Bananas

In winter, when the days become shorter, the street cold weather, many people have a bad mood, thus, it is difficult to force myself to do something, there is no particular desire to leave the house, and I want to lie on the sofa and watch TV.

This condition is very dangerous because it can lead to depression, so in order to avoid it, it is necessary first of all to pull yourself together and start to live a more active lifestyle.

At the same time we should not forget about nutrition, diet is different from summer. At such a time, most experts recommend not to indulge in any, products, if they are required by the body, but in moderation. But among them there are those who are able to raise the mood, and it’s not necessarily the alcohol, and for example, dark chocolate and bananas.

As regards bananas, this fruit is composed of a lot of nutrients, including vitamin C. Eating two bananas a day, you will not only enhance the vitality, but also because of its soothing properties, you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep over seven hours.

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