How to Train a Child Previously Going to Bed

In order for a child to have a normal sleep, it is necessary to observe the regime of the day.

It often happens that when in the morning, before collecting it in a garden or school, it’s hard to wake them up in order to do morning exercises, take a shower and have breakfast.

Especially often this is observed after weekends or holidays, during which they go to bed later usually, knowing that in the morning you can soak up longer in bed.

In order to avoid such problems, it is best to adhere to the regime on all days, but not always it is possible and, in such cases, there is a need to teach the child to go to bed earlier. In order not to injure the child’s psyche, try to gradually lay him to sleep 10 minutes earlier.

It is recommended to not allow a child to use a computer, a smartphone and watch TV two hours before bedtime. The best option will be to read a book or needlework. In the evening, instead of the shower, it is better to take a bath by adding lavender extract to water, and then offer the child to drink tea with mint, which has a soothing effect.

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