How to Teach a Child to Move Actively

As they say the movement is life and without movement there can be no child.

According to the scientific facts that scientists have recently announced, boys are more moving than girls.

For example if the boys like sports and team games, boxing, football, basketball, the girls prefer to engage in sports or pliable plastic such pursuits, such as swimming or gymnastics.

Also, researchers found, and the fact that children of primary school that is from 6 to 10 years are more active in the summer time and winter children’s activity decreases, and many of them are in a passive state. As a rule, parents often perechat opinion of children and put them on other masks of life and do not cause them to be active and is always in motion. Parents or grandparents are doing it in order because it is profitable to do.

But to limit the movement of their children, scientists are not advised, as it may cause poor entry into society, and the child will be poorly prepared for adult life.

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