How to Survive the Heat?

How to Survive the Heat?We all look forward to the summer season, when you can go for a vacation with the whole family on various beaches. But there are days when the temperature reaches 35 degrees and above. In these days we are trying to escape the heat, using various means.

Hot days especially hard transferred to the elderly and those who suffer from various diseases or are overweight. One of the means of salvation from the heat is air-conditioned, with which the room can set the optimum temperature. But not every apartment or house is equipped with such a device, and even more production facilities.

It is believed that at such a time it is necessary to use a large amount of liquid, but this Hondrocream Italia need to be careful, because the cold water, especially soda, uses virtually none. The more you drink cold water, the more tormented by thirst for you, which best satisfy with hot tea or water at room temperature. Also, these days you need to eliminate from your diet meat products, replacing them with salads and seafood.

Rules Of The Wardrobe In The Heat

In the summer time it is very difficult to find salvation from the sun. With the help of some tips you can protect yourself from the harmful effects of heat on the body.

Among other recommendations pay special attention to what you are going to air. Because it is very important to avoid overheating. When you are on the street, the correct thermoregulation should occur. From improperly selected clothing it is possible to get a heat stroke.

How to dress properly in a hot season:

Give preference to natural tissues. The best option for summer clothes is flax. It is a wonderful material from which stylish shirts are made. And if you work in the office, even in the heat, you can follow the dress code without harm to health. Cotton and natural knitwear allow your skin to breathe under the clothes. But from synthetics it is necessary to refuse. Choose tailoring the free cut, so as not to disturb the blood circulation. A brilliant thing for a summer Hondrocream Polska wardrobe is dress-shirts made from the right fabric.

They do not constrain movement and do not allow the skin to overheat. Also, when wearing such a thing, you can avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet light, easier to burn. Many are mistaken, thinking that in the heat it is necessary to wear short shorts and open tops. It would be best to wear loose trousers and a silk shirt. Only silk must be natural and without lining. Then the thing will not even be felt on the body. When choosing shoes, stop focusing on a flat sole or wedge, give up high heels. Take into account that all the straps and straps will pull together and squeeze the vessels, and in the heat it is very dangerous.

Summer without a hat is indispensable. It is not only stylish, but also safe for your health. The shape of the hat is chosen for your type, shape of the face and even height is important in the choice of such an accessory. Women of small stature should not wear a hat with large fields, and high – too small. The headgear must be Hondrocream Ελλάδα of good quality material. The choice is huge, maybe a panama or a cap. The main thing do not forget to wear it, going out.


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