How to Strengthen a Child’s Immunity

All parents dream of having their child as rarely as possible exposed to various diseases, so try to do everything possible to protect him from colds and infectious diseases.

Experts argue that there are some rules, adhering to which, you can maximize the protection of the child’s body.

One of the first points is that the kid should always have clean hands. Especially before eating, not to mention that having come home from the street, first of all he should wash his hands with soap, because as he touches the elevator button and the door handle he has on his hands a large number of different bacteria.

One of the important factors is normal sleep, because insufficient amount reduces immunity, moreover, it is necessary to put the child to bed no later than 10 pm. Nutrition is one of the main elements of health promotion, because, those children whose diet contains healthy foods are sick much less often than those who love chips, hamburgers and sweet soda water.

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