How to Store Products

On the eve of the holidays, some people buy food in advance, in order to prepare delicious meals, which many housewives are trying to impress not only family members but also guests are sure to be present at the banquet table.

Sometimes we have no idea what kind of danger may carry some products during prolonged storage, especially if it has not complied with the rules.

Perishable products, which include meat, fresh fish should be stored separately from the ready-to-eat foods. It should be remembered that in the foil or parchment paper, they will be stored for longer.

As for the dishes for storage of finished products, it is best to use an enamel or glass, and in any case not made of aluminum, because this metal is able to oxidize. Well suited for this purpose special food containers because they are sealed and do not allow the penetration of foreign odors and bacteria.

Worth to remember that some products are not subject to re-heat, so be careful not to spoil the holiday.

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