How to Stay Healthy in February?

Last month of winter is always one of the most difficult in terms of stress on our bodies.

First of all it concerns the depletion of vitamins and nutrients, lack of sunlight, high activity of various viral diseases, as well as the propensity to depressions and weakness. That is why, in February, it is important to properly adjust your schedule power, activity, and rest so that the maximum help the body cope with the increased loads:

Food. We need to eat more fruits, as well as to try to reduce the intake of food containing large amounts of fat. Try to add to the diet of grains, because they help to enrich the body with more energy, but do not cause weight gain.
Physical activity. In February, it is important to exclude those days, when you move a little or a whole day lying on the couch. Try to go for a walk, play sports or just go to a ski resort. This will help to quickly elevate mood and improve physical health.
Recreation. At the end of the winter it is very important to dispense with the exercise wholesome recreational activities. Try to go to bed early – 23:00. At the same time, if your dream is to have a duration of 7-8 hours, it will be perfect.

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