How to start a new day?

130920162Your mood and performance throughout the day in many respects depends on what you do in the morning after sleep. Getting ready for bed in the evening, try to set the alarm clock is not in a loud rhythmic sounds, and a quiet, pleasant melody, because, rude awakening adversely affect the human nervous system.

Ideally, a person should wake up on their own, but because we are afraid of being late for work or school, it is best to set alarm clock with repeats for some time. Some citizens ignoring the breakfast, hoping for a snack at work, but it should not do, because the body is necessary to replenish the energy is in the morning after sleep.

Waking up, the first thing you have to do is open the curtains on the windows to the sun’s rays penetrate into the room, thereby improving your mood. As it turned out, a cup of coffee, drunk on an empty stomach, does not bring much benefit as harm, therefore, it is better to drink a glass of water. But most importantly, you need to start the day with positive emotions, adjusting itself to the fact that everything will be fine.

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