How to Spend Your Free Time, we Find in the Decree

At the time of the decree, when the woman is no need to go to work, and there is free time, you can dedicate any occupation that will bring the psychological satisfaction that will positively affect the development of the fetus.

Naturally it is not necessary to contrive repairs, because such exercise contraindicated in pregnant women, especially since here the execution of such work, spouses often argue, because of what has to be nervous, and that you will not need.

It is best if you prefer what he likes, such as knitting, which not only soothes the nervous system, but also benefits, because you can associate any thing your future baby.

Even if you are not doing this before, it is worth a try and you will succeed. Also, instead of sit, try to visit more often in front of TV or computer in the street, because it is not only fresh air, but walking will bring much more benefit. After the birth of the child’s free time you will have a lot less, but nevertheless do not forget about physical education, because a lot of women in this period are gaining weight.

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