How to Spend the Whole Day in a Good Mood

American scientists managed to prove that the good mood affects the human lifespan.

In order for the day did not feel a sense of frustration, irritability and fatigue, a few simple rules must be observed.

Let’s start with the awakening, after which you do not hurry to jump sharply from the bed, and soak a few minutes, it is desirable to stretch to improve blood flow to the muscles.

After that, drink a glass of clean, warm water to which you can add a few drops of lemon juice. Just a few days of this procedure, you will feel a lightness in the body, as there is the elimination of toxins.

During the water treatment and employment charging, turn on your favorite tune, but, in any case do not try to deal with the news watching, because it is unlikely that you will learn something new for yourself, because the correspondents to raise their ratings, look for mostly criminal subjects. As for meals, the breakfast is basic, so do not give up on him, giving preference porridges.

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