How to Relieve the Fatigue of the Eye

Nowadays, more and more people are busy working at the computer, and as is known, along with some side effects, such work adversely affects the eyesight.

In addition, scientists note that the eye disease affects people who read a lot, as well as professional drivers, because they have to constantly strain the organs of vision.

There are some symptoms, when it occurs, you need to pay attention to this problem. These include frequent headaches, tearing of the eyes, changing eyesight and others. In order to relieve eye fatigue, it is necessary to follow certain recommendations, one of which is to allow as much rest as possible.

A good effect is the use of napkins soaked in warm water, which should be applied to the eyes. To strengthen the vision, you need to introduce freshly squeezed carrot juice into your diet, and to add flavor to the most vitamins, you can add apples. When in the sun, do not forget to wear protective goggles.

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