How to Reduce the Harm While Working at the Computer

07121615Today, most people spend a lot of time, unfortunately, not reading books or crafts, and of course the computer, which rapidly appeared in our lives.

Well, if a person pays attention to this device not more than two hours per day, but, according to statistics, such people are very few, because the young people, instead of developing their physical data, sits in front of monitors.

However, there are people who are forced to work on the computer during the day, since no office or other institutions is difficult to imagine without this technique. Scientists have long proven that a programmer, besides being overweight, which appears due to a sedentary lifestyle, the first to suffer vision and back.

To avoid complications, you must comply with certain rules, the first of which, always work under artificial light, especially in cloudy weather and parietal time. During the hours of operation should be allocated at least 10 minutes to warm up and grab a chair in which you will be comfortable working.

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