How to Raise a Child During the Transition Age

With the birth of a child in any family parents have a sense of responsibility for his education, because of how it will be, it depends on the nature of the future baby.

Time flies very quickly, it would seem, only recently he said the first word and began to walk as beginning to show features of his character.

Such a transition period is usually seen in children as young as 12 years of age, when parents notice that their son or daughter to become irritable, often rude and refuse to listen and do what ever order. Remember that this is one of the most important periods, because as a teenager wants to show their independence and autonomy.

In such cases, it applies to his behavior with understanding and in no case did not treat him rudely. On the contrary, try to communicate with them as often as possible, talking on various topics.

In addition, the trust a child to perform any tasks for which he would feel responsible. Try to be a friend to him, to whom he could tell any secrets, so you will have more information concerning his private life.

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