How to Protect Against Viral Diseases Your Child

10121610How quickly time flies, seemingly quite recently your little one said the first word, and now he and the student, if in early childhood, it is under your control, then during his studies he was constantly surrounded by their peers.

This is very good because, when dealing with children, his friends there with whom he spends most of his free time. But as a rule, during a flu epidemic, it is at school often do you get an infection.

In order to counteract this, it is necessary to constantly improve your child’s immune system, which, first of all, balance the power on. Try once and for all to give up potato chips, french fries, soft drinks, since these products, except for damage to health, will not do anything.

No matter how opposed the child, try to feed him breakfast, which even ordinary oatmeal, you can beautifully decorate using fruits and berries.
Hardening of the body will not hurt anyone else, so teach him to such procedures, but it is not worth it to start in the winter.

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