How to Properly Eat Honey

One of the most useful product is honey, which is advised to use all nutritionists, and even to those who adhere to a strict diet, because it contains a lot of vitamins.

A small amount of this product can significantly improve the immune system and give extra energy, provided its constant use.

At the same time we should not forget that even the most useful, requires use of standards, and as for honey, it’s 1-2 tablespoons throughout the day. Eat it better in the morning, because it contains a sufficient amount of calories that before the evening you will be able to spend, so they do not contribute to the emergence of extra kilos.

When storing crystallized honey, and is a natural process, but some people prefer to use it in liquid form, then subjected to heat treatment. I can not do this, because when heated to a temperature above 40 degrees, it becomes less useful. Besides, honey is widely used in cosmetics.

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