How to Prevent the Occurrence of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Among the various diseases that occur in humans, quite common it is the irritable bowel syndrome.

It is usually accompanied by symptoms such as bloating, frequent indigestion and sometimes even convulsions.

The causes of this disease may be different, and in order to avoid it is necessary to adhere to certain rules.

First, eliminate from their diet fat food, which not only irritates the walls of the stomach and intestines, but also affects the appearance of excess weight. Secondly, try to eat small portions for what your daily diet is divided into five times, and, at the same time.

One of the most important rules is a thorough chewing of food, because in this way you will facilitate the work of the stomach and intestines to relieve tension. Therefore, while eating, try not to be distracted by talking, watching television or reading, and all, pay attention to food and do not forget to move as much as possible. For example, take a few stops on foot or refuse to lift, especially as stair climbing strengthens the heart.

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