How to Prevent Appearance of Hypodynamics

One of the most common diseases, which recently quite often occurs in people of different ages, is hypodynamia.

Explain this situation is very simple, people began to lead a low-activity lifestyle.

Agree, many of you get to your place of work or study by public transport, and prefer to drive in a stuffy bus rather than walk, on foot at least a few stops.

But this is a big mistake, because walking will energize you, prevent from the appearance of extra pounds, and fresh air will enrich your lungs with oxygen. Those who are engaged in office work, you need to take the rule at lunchtime to go for a walk, even if it only takes a few minutes.

In order to stretch the joints, use some exercises that you can do without getting up from the table. The greatest effect you will get from walking on the stairs, as a result of which you not only make a warm-up, but also, as scientists in the field of medicine say, improve the work of the heart.

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