How to Prepare Juice

In addition to those products, of which nutritionists recommend refuse completely, there are some that should be included in your diet every day.

One of them is fresh juice, but in any case it is impossible to compare them with those that are sold in the shops with a long shelf life.

By purchasing conventional juicer, any housewife can cook at home juice for all tastes, using fruits and vegetables, and they can be combined to your liking.

To drink contained only useful substances should be selected quality products without any damage. If you decide to cook the juice from the berries, it is sufficient just to wash them, but with vegetables and some fruits, remove the peel. Juice best to drink half an hour after the main meal, preferably in the morning.

In order for the body received all the necessary substances that can strengthen our body and to resist viral infections should drink daily at least 500 milliliters of juice.

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