How to Prepare for the Birth of the Third Child

In our time, to meet the family, which raised three children or more, quite rare, as many are in no hurry to become many children for various reasons.

While some are making career, the other is motivated by financial difficulties because to buy clothes, food, and give everyone a decent education is difficult, especially in these days, when often there is a problem with employment, and there is no confidence in the future.

However, a large family, with proper education of children, it is always a joy and happiness, especially not have to be bored. Before you decide on the birth of a third child, there should be conversations with older children about the fact that they will soon be a brother or sister who will be given more attention.

This should be done in order to avoid any feeling of jealousy, but on the contrary, they showed concern about it. Psychologists say that it is in such families children grow kinder, friendlier and usually achieve high achievements. Because often, athletes, artists and other famous people you can meet people who have grown up in a large family.

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