How to Overcome Sleepiness

Every man there comes a time when a sense of reluctance to go to school or work, constant sleepiness, fatigue.

Most often this occurs in early spring, when our body there is deficiency of vitamins.

However, to get rid of sleepiness can be using some of the methods, and one of them, strange as it may seem to some people, is self-hypnosis and meditation, which is widely used by the residents of the eastern countries.

Try to stand in front of the mirror and repeat several times that you have a good mood, and you do not want to sleep, the result will not wait long. If you are in the workplace, such as in the office, it is recommended as giving her a warm-up can be practiced more often at least 10 crumple during each hour.

Try as much as possible to laugh, which is well suited for humorous and entertaining programs, because laughter produces positive hormones that improve your mood and are able to reduce drowsiness.

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