How to neutralize the smell of garlic after its use

0810166With the arrival of cold weather, when there is a high threat of colds, doctors recommend daily use garlic in moderation, as this vegetable is a natural antiseptic that can kill a variety of viruses in the body.

However, one problem that arises after eating garlic is bad breath.

Scientists conducted an experiment to determine with the help of some products can get rid of the odor. To do this, they used products such as water, apples and peppermint. After testing the participants chewed garlic, began to eat these products. As a result, it was found that almost completely kills the leaves of peppermint smell garlic. Fruits such as apples, are also able to reduce the odor level, but not fully. As for water, it almost does not affect the fact that the odor was eliminated.

In spite of all these experiments, to abandon the use of garlic is not necessary, but on the contrary, it is necessary to include it in your diet on a daily basis, as health is more expensive and more important than any odors, especially since they may neutralize.

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