How to Live Longer?

1012162Sometimes, passing through the city streets, we notice how elderly people are different not only in appearance, but also their physical activity.

If one can not move without someone’s help, their peers independently travel long distances and practically do not get sick.

The reason for the differences in lifestyle. Scientists were able to prove that the people who are the optimists, constantly involved in sports, adhere to proper nutrition, and most importantly, less nervous, live much longer than those who do not comply with these rules.

Also plays an important role the pursuit of knowledge, regardless of age. For example, in Spain, a woman received a college degree when she was 94 years, and here in Italy, home to a citizen, who turned 117 years old. Employees of the pension, in which it is contained, mark it with cheerfulness and optimism, whereas other patients who are much younger than her, constantly complain about ailments.

Therefore, take care of your nerves, do not hold a grudge against the offenders more fun and smile.

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