How to Keep Weight After Weight Loss

Many women who suffer from increased weight, set a goal to lose weight, reaching her calm down and return to the former way of life.

Just after a short time they are surprised that the weight becomes the same, and often greater than the one that was before the weight loss.

Most experts do not recommend to adhere to strict diets, as maybe you will quickly become slim, but the body will fail, which will lead to metabolic disorders. Therefore, the best option for weight loss is, if we exclude from the diet of fatty, fried and junk food, I mean hot dogs, chips and other fast food.

Enter in your menu as much as possible with fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits, as well as to give preference to seafood, while not forgetting about the dairy. In addition, it should be every day in sports, while not necessarily go to a fitness club, but rather runs preferably through the alleys Park, where there is fresh air.

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