How to Keep Hair Healthy and Beautiful

With the advent of spring, many women rush to the beauty salons to tidy up not only the skin of the face, hands, but also make a hairstyle that is considered fashionable this season.

During the winter period, hair lost its natural sheen, besides, there is their loss, but it is not only winter that is to blame, but also some habits that should be avoided.

For example, do not collect hair every day in a tight tail, because it threatens to break the stem cells, resulting in a number of newly growing hair markedly reduced. The state of the hair is affected by sleep, because when it lacks, they become dull, and nutrition plays an important role, since protein is needed for the hair structure, so do not exclude it from your menu.

Hair can fall out in large quantities as a result of the stress. Washing your hair is recommended as the hair gets dirty, which means that some people have to deal with this procedure every day, while for others it is enough three times a week.

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