How to Increase the Level of Testosterone in the Blood

Many men need to increase testosterone levels. We offer a few basic guidelines to help you achieve this result.

1. Physical activity

Exercising is practically most effective in preventing a variety of diseases that may occur in inactive people, and for increasing testosterone levels in the body. Statistics show that owners of high testosterone are people who regularly perform different exercises. For a quicker effect it is necessary to resort to intense exercise power.

2. The use of the “right” fats

It is wrong that absolutely all fats are harmful to the body. The level of male hormone can increase diet containing useful, as well as saturated fats. The sources of saturated fat are healthy egg yolk, cheese and coconut oil, and these fats can be found in avocados, olive oil and peanut. To reduce the risk of heart disease will help moderate consumption of foods containing healthy saturated fats.

3. Control the insulin

To maintain a favorable state of health must be considered that the change in testosterone affects insulin, which in turn may cause problems with diabetes, so too stimulate it may be unsafe to health.

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