How to Improve the State of Health of Changes Time Prognosis

29111625With the changing weather conditions, changing not only the temperature but also the atmospheric pressure, which is why some people experience headaches.

It is a healthy person does not feel these changes, but the people who have problems with the heart, high blood pressure in these days suffer quite often.

Besides headaches have been deteriorating health, they become more irritable and this condition can lead to depression.

To avoid this, you need to give up bad habits, if you have one, as well, to lead a more active lifestyle, which is enough to daily walks, preferably in places where there are green areas.

At the same time, do not forget about the morning exercises and contrast shower, in addition, to reconsider your diet, include more foods such as garlic, walnuts and apples. But from the fried, smoked and fatty foods should be abandoned.

If the headache persists for a long time, do not get involved pills, try a cold compress and a special massage.

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