How to Help Your Child Cope With the Fear of the Dark

Very often, children in the age of five have a sense of fear of the dark, which is why they do not agree to stay in the bedroom alone.

At the same time, some parents, in the form of an order forcing him to sleep, often calling him a coward, that absolutely can not do. The best option would be to understand the reasons for his fears.

Usually children are not afraid of nightfall, and imagine yourself in a room that may be, for example, the negative heroes of fairy tales, such as the wolf, Baba Yaga and others. One of the best methods is to ask the child to draw the one whom he fears, and then the portrait to decorate with flowers, butterflies that instead fearsome him, he became friendly.

At such times, do not leave a baby during sleep. Thanks to your regular teacher training, after some time he will be asking you to leave his room. If, for example, a child is naughty, if you sleep puts his mother, it is worth trying to make the Pope and, as a rule, this method works much better.

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