How to Get Rid of Nightmares

Sometimes there are situations when some people for a long time, have nightmares, because they wake up in the night and can not fall asleep for a long time that does not allow the body to fully relax.

First of all such dreams can be caused by psychological disorders due to prolonged nervous tension.

Serve this may conflict situations, both at work and at home or with friends. For example, changing job or moving to live in another city, in some people it can be a serious challenge for the nervous system. Japanese scientists have shown that sleep can affect the location of the bed in the room, so if you often see the bad dreams, try to take some action.

In addition to the rearrangement of furniture, it should pay attention to the color of the walls, because some of them negatively affect the emotional state. Review your diet, eliminating alcohol at dinner, fried, fatty and salty. Try to give up negative view programs and movies, it is better read a book or watch a fun comedy. Do not forget to constantly ventilate the sleeping area.

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