How to Get Rid of Heartburn

Many people have experienced such unpleasant feeling as heartburn, the cause of which may be different, but in most cases this is due to poor diet.

One of the main rules, which is to learn, to get out of the table must be a little sense of hunger and in any case not to overeat.

This is especially true of holidays, when the board a wide variety of appetizers and irresistible, that they do not try.

Also, it is not recommended to load up before going to bed, and it is best to eat within 2 hours, with preference given to dairy products or vegetable salads. If, however, you have a heartburn, the best way to prevent it is ginger tea, which is able to reduce the acidity of the stomach. Also it helps ordinary milk, preferably not fatty varieties.

But from drinks containing caffeine, not to mention alcohol, it is necessary to give up, and even a healthy beverage, cocoa, should be excluded from the diet for heartburn. Do not forget that smoking has a negative impact on all organs, including the stomach.

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