How to Get Rid of Cramps in the Legs?

2809201612Surely many of you have experienced this discomfort like cramps in the legs, which are particularly painful transferred during the night. If leg cramps occur less frequently, that they do not pose a danger to your health, but when such things become permanent, you must find out the cause of their occurrence, to find ways to get rid of this disease.

Typically, leg cramps are caused by heavy load on the muscles, for example, when you are a long time in uncomfortable sitting or lying position, as well as in poor circulation. In such cases, you can very quickly get rid of the pain, which is enough to make a foot massage.

But in order to avoid frequent bouts of leg cramps, will have to think about the change of the image of your life. Firstly, it concerns the power, as should consume more foods that contain calcium, vitamin D and magnesium, but the salt intake, on the contrary, should be reduced. Secondly, we must make it a rule, every day before going to bed take a warm bath, and then the legs to do a relaxing massage.

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