How To Get Rid Of Cold

Winter is, the time of year when people are more prone to colds, but each person is different relates to their treatment.

If one, at the slightest manifestations of common cold, cough and high temperature, prefer to stick with bed rest, used to treat mainly folk remedies, others for fear of losing their job, continue to work, thus infecting their colleagues.

In order to avoid complications from colds, it is necessary to promptly begin the treatment, first of all it concerns the common cold, to get rid of that, it is best to apply the drops and nose washing decoction of chamomile.

It is recommended as often as possible ventilate the room, and that the air is not too dry, use water containers, placing them near a heater.

Do not forget to rinse the throat, to relieve inflammation, which is better suited furatsilina solution. Get rid of the cough helps inhalation, which use eucalyptus oil, or drinking herbal tea. At the same time we should not forget about the healing properties of honey and citrus.

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