How to Get Rid of Chronic Fatigue

Nowadays, in order to earn more money, people have to spend a lot of time in the workplace, which is the result of chronic fatigue.

This is a state where you always want to sleep, a person becomes irritable, quick-tempered and reacts painfully to any situation that does not seem to cause such emotions.

Long stay in this state can be dangerous, because at such times the human body becomes the least protected from various viruses, microbes. Especially it concerns those people who are engaged in business, allocating for a dream and rest too little time.

The American scientist Teitelbaum dealt with the problem of chronic fatigue and published a book with recommendations. According to him, one of the most important factors is a dream, because it is during this period that our body regains strength. An important role is played by rest, during which a person receives a lot of positive emotions, especially during tourist trips, and it is not necessary to go on a cruise, but rather, a ten-day rest on the bank of a river or lake.

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