How to Get Back Into a Relationship Passion

Bedroom, every centimeter of which was studied by heart, twilight, hiding the fact that I would like to ignore – whether imperfections or asexual figures underwear – the traditional night-time and sex on a schedule of habit carried over to the second half of the day?

The routine does not benefit the relationship, and here comes to the aid of the woman spontaneity: it is possible, for example, to arrange an erotic surprise favorite at lunchtime!

Romantic dinner did not have time in your daily life, and now you cook food only for pre-painted menu? Take off, take advantage of the delivery – order an exotic meal! For example, Japanese cuisine is easily mastered and permanently eliminate the feeling of hunger; and ginger – are often found in the culinary traditions of the country of the Rising Sun ingredient is, moreover, also a strong aphrodisiac, increasing the male libido.

Favorite rejected your idea to use sex toys? Ironically, despite the stereotypes, men in sex more likely to be true Puritans than women. You just have to surprise him with a new handheld device in the process and expect a stormy positive reaction!

“Completely”, “up and down” the partner’s body has become a habit for you to learn? But once sex becomes bland, predictable and therefore – boring … Why do not you try to make your man a back massage, slowly sinking lower and lower? Surely, he will be satisfied!

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