How to Feed the Baby, if He Has no Appetite

As a rule, young children, including students, are often reluctant to take food, especially breakfast.

This is not surprising, because he woke up, his body still does not have time to adapt, and we offer him food.

In such cases, it is not necessary to be nervous, raise the voice of a child, much less force him to eat forced, because of this power of his body does not receive any nutrients.

The best thing would be if, after his awakening you with him do exercises that will allow him to cheer up after sleep and appetite appears. At the time, until the child takes water treatments, try to lay the table nicely, because aesthetics for children this age sometimes plays a greater role than the palatability of cooked dishes.

Important role played by food offered for breakfast, because it is unlikely he will want to eat the usual porridge, and it is to decorate with berries or fruit, the child always will be a desire to eat. However, it is not recommended during meals entertain the baby, because it can become a habit, without which he would refuse to eat.

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