How to Extend the Life Years

In order to extend your life, you need to perform some rules, and it is desirable that they have entered into a habit.

First of all, try to lead an active lifestyle, regardless of age. It is not necessary to record in sports clubs and enough to do exercises every day, as much as possible to go on foot.

Try to give up the elevator, because scientists have shown that walking up the stairs strengthens the cardiac system. Develop memory for anything else, read the literature, and even crossword puzzles, improves brain function. Try to abandon the use of products that contain harmful substances, and today there are more.

At the same time, give preference to dairy products and fish, preferably sea. It’s no wonder the people of Japan and Spain, on the tables which are mainly dishes made with seafood, are notable for their longevity. Not a small role played by hardening of the body, so that he was able to withstand a variety of diseases, but it is worth remembering, pour cold water is gradually, so as not to get pneumonia.

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