How to Eat When Acidity of the Stomach

In recent years, more and more people are suffering from acidity, which in turn causes such unpleasant feeling as heartburn.

The main reasons for its occurrence is stress, is especially dangerous for a long stay of the person in a state of nervous tension.

The important role played by food products, among which today is very difficult to meet without harmful additives, as well as smoking and alcohol use contribute to the acidity level. Sedentary lifestyle, which covers more people because of the development of technologies that can also affect the occurrence of various diseases, including stomach.

If you have frequent heartburn began to appear, it is the first sign of disruption of the digestive tract, therefore, to avoid such symptoms, at least temporarily give up eating greasy, fried, smoked food, giving preference to the following products.

First oatmeal, which is perfect for breakfast, because it relieves inflammation and lubricates the walls of the stomach. Also include in the diet ginger, vegetables in any form, marine products and bananas.

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