How to Eat Better In Time Flu

02121613In the winter, along with various problems of modern life, more and more people become concerned about the emergence of new influenza viruses, as we are informed by different sources.

To avoid getting the flu, it is necessary that the body was prepared for a meeting with him, which should enhance the immune system.

Well, if you are unable to protect themselves from this disease, because it can easily be infected by their colleagues or in public transport, you should observe certain rules, one of which is power.

Apart from the fact that we should abandon the smoked and fried foods, should follow the norm of their diet and not overeat, because it will be an extra burden on the body, which requires strength to fight the virus.

This power must be complete, even for those people who stick to the diet, therefore, consume a large amount of vegetables and fruits, especially citrus fruits, because they contain vitamin C.

Do not refuse broths, for the preparation of which is best suited homemade chicken and fresh vegetables, as well as, in those days, do not forget to drink more water.

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