How to Eat Better in the Cold Season

08121617With the onset of cold winter weather increases the risk of colds and infectious diseases, so that this does not happen, you need to strengthen your body so that it can withstand a variety of diseases.

In addition to sports, you should not forget about the food, which must be balanced in order to obtain the necessary nutrients.

Naturally, in this period, most of the vegetables and fruits do not contain the amount of vitamins, which they had at the time of harvest. If, for example, carrots and beets do not lose their properties, fresh apples, other than fiber, decreases the amount of vitamins that can not be said about the pickled apples, so take care of it in advance. This also concerns the cabbage, which required it to ferment.

In this case you need to eat food at least 5 times a day, but do not overeat. Do not exclude from your diet dairy products, especially yogurt and cottage cheese, which is rich in calcium.

The benefits of seafood, probably, everyone knows why, try as often as possible to use them, and do not forget about the nuts, honey and garlic.

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