How to Distract Children from Watching TV

One of the favorite activities of children is watching cartoons, so many of them are ready to sit all day in front of TV.

The most interesting thing is that some parents are happy when their child is occupied in this manner, because it distracts them from homework.

But this order of the day the baby may adversely affect his health, because, watch TV for a long time, adversely affect vision. Many mothers try to breastfeed, using the fact that he is fascinated by the cartoon, and they do it, but, as experts say, do not desirable.

The fact that in such cases, the children do not feel the taste quality of the food, at the same time can eat more than their body requires, so they overeat without even noticing. In order to divert children away from the TV, try to offer an interesting game, an exciting experience in which you take part also. Such communication will be much more useful, both for the child and for the parents.

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