How to Defrost Meat

21101625In order to store the meat for a long time, it is often subjected to freezing.

In this state, it is not available for the bacteria, so it can be stored in your freezer for several months. However, there comes a time when the preparation of this product, there are some difficulties.

The process of defrosting meat is very long and specific. If you try to speed it up or do not perform properly, it can be very dangerous to your health.

Experts recommend to defrost meat in a classic case – to pass it out of the freezer in a normal refrigerator and leave overnight. Approximately this time the ice melts and the meat is tender. A quicker way – to put frozen meat in the water and leave it on the kitchen table. It is important that the water completely covers the piece of meat – this will avoid contact with bacteria on its surface. Do not defrost meat in the microwave or in the oven – it is dangerous to health.

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