How to Define Potassium Deficiency in Organism

In those cases when the body is deficient in vitamins or minerals, this necessarily affects the state of health and, according to some symptoms, it is possible to determine which element is most lacking.

In those cases, if there is not enough potassium, cardiac arrhythmia can be manifested, which is easy to detect with the help of modern blood pressure measuring devices.

Because of the lack of this mineral, the work of the muscular system is disrupted, resulting in rapid fatigue, which is often accompanied by the occurrence of seizures. Digestion plays an important role, because the general condition of a person depends on the quality of food processing, namely potassium contributes to the improvement of the intestine.

In such cases, often abundant hair loss occurs, if such symptoms occur, it is recommended to introduce into your diet those foods that contain potassium. This is especially true in the early spring, when, after long winter months, our body is weakened due to insufficient amount of nutrients.

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