How to Deal With Insomnia

131120166Researchers have identified a way in which, they argue, people suffering from sleep disorders will be able to get rid of it.

Today pharmaceutical industry has already developed enough drugs that help fight insomnia. However, scientists are concerned a question of the safety of such medicines, as most of them have a lot of side effects (affect the rate of reaction) and contraindications (driving, work related to the increased attention).

Also, the question remains the effectiveness of these drugs. And the likelihood of addiction in general questioned the ratio of benefits and harms of hypnotics.

Doctors have identified a few simple, effective techniques to combat insomnia:

1. A few hours before sleep, get rid of all external stimuli.
2. Do not engage in activities before bedtime.
3. Do not overload the stomach heavy food.
4. Take a relaxing, warm bath.
5. Take care of something pleasant, for example, read an interesting book.

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