How to Deal with an Excessive Appetite?

110920166The constant feeling of hunger and desire to eat late at night – it is the main problem of the people who suffer from overweight. Unfortunately, even with intensive physical activities Many women often can not lose weight, though seemingly doing everything right. But when their daily diet is studied in more detail, it appears that the amount of food absorbed is greater than the number of calories burned. Especially bad when women eat at night or late in the evening, when the metabolism in the body becomes weak.

What to do with this problem? Here are some tips from nutritionists.

For weight loss experts advise never to restrain themselves in the event that you feel hunger. But it is necessary to suppress by means of useful and low-calorie foods. If you wanted to have the feeling of an empty stomach, it is better to quench your appetite with the help of vegetable salad, but not hamburger.

To bedtime was not hungry, you need to try for 2-3 hours before bedtime drink a glass of low-fat yogurt or eat a small piece of boiled lean fish. Thus, you suppress appetite and do not reach too many calories.

Alternative Ways to Suppress the Sense of Hunger

If you feel hungry, try using the most effective methods. For example, experts recommend a walk to get rid of the desire to eat something. When walking, our body quickly burns excess body fat and compensates for the energy balance. In addition, a good solution can be a healthy sleep. To refuse a late dinner try to lie down and fall asleep. During sleep, the metabolic processes in our body slow down and this will help you get rid of the feeling of hunger until the morning.

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