How to Cope With The “Winter Depression”

1012166After the end of the summer season, naturally comes the autumn, a time when the days are getting shorter, the weather outside is cool and most people ended vacation.

As the researchers note, usually in this period of time, some people have a seasonal depression, which are the first signs of the emergence of a sense of apathy, loss of cheerfulness, irritability, sleep disturbance. From a scientific point of view, this is understandable, because in the body decreases serotonin levels, which we get from the sun.

To avoid depression, you need as much as possible to engage in sports and more to be outdoors, especially during the day. Clearly, in our time, many save energy by reducing the amount of light in the rooms, but do not worth it, especially if you have to stay in it for a long time.

Therefore, to raise the vitality, try to include as much of the lighting and after a while you will notice improvement in mood. Moreover, in those days, should be included in your diet dark chocolate, of course within reason, since this product has such a property as joy.

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