How to Cope with a Toothache?

2209201612Doctors recommend an early age to monitor the state of their teeth, which must be at least twice a day brush your teeth, and even if they do not hurt from time to time to visit the dentist for preventive purposes. The fact that the state of the dental work of the gastrointestinal tract depends directly, as poorly chewed food is easily absorbed by the body.

But if you suddenly came toothache, and, for some reason at the moment, you can see a doctor, there are several ways to help relieve the unbearable pain. One of these methods is a rinse with warm water in the glass which should dilute 1 teaspoon of salt and soda.

The broth is made from mint or sage also help relieve toothache. Good effect for pain relief gives applied to the aching tooth a cotton swab soaked in sea buckthorn oil or mint. The only thing to do in such cases, it is applied to the affected area warm compresses, as it will contribute to fester.

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