How to Choose the Mushrooms in the Forest?

1510165Until now, many researchers in the field of medicine have expressed different opinions about the benefits and dangers of mushrooms.

If some of them say that in addition to a protein that is present therein in a large amount, does not contain any nutrients, others have held that the fungi are very useful and they are almost all elements that contribute to the normal operation of the human body.

In any case, it must be remembered that the mushrooms are heavy food, so do not overfeed them.

But the most important rule when gathering mushrooms is to choose those fungi in which you are absolutely sure, because among the large number of edible mushrooms across poisonous, which are very difficult to distinguish.

If you decide to go to the “quiet hunt”, you should consider a few rules, one of which is that preference should be given a tubular mushrooms, for example such as, white, orange-cap boletus, greasers or boletus. Also, do not pick mushrooms near motorways, major population centers, because they are like a sponge, absorb various toxins. Another tip, do not take the old mushrooms.

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