How to Better Transfer the Clock to Summer Time

In order to save energy consumption as much as possible, it is customary to translate the clock for both summer and winter periods.

For most people, changing the schedule for one hour does no harm to the body.

However, some people painfully endure this period, and, according to scientists, especially adversely affects the transition to summer time.

Due to the fact that you have to sleep one hour less in the mornings, and as a rule, many people go to bed in the old schedule, there is a failure in the body, as a result of which the quality of sleep is disturbed, which leads to rapid fatigue, decreased efficiency and deterioration General state.

To avoid this, experts recommend a month before the transfer of hours, gradually go to bed earlier, starting from 10 minutes. Two hours before sleep, it is not recommended to watch television programs, especially those that negatively affect a person’s psychological state, news, accidents, and horror films. It would be better if before going to bed you read an interesting book or solve crossword puzzles.

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