How to Behave in Changes Time Prognosis

In recent years, the climate has changed appreciably, with the result that often there are sharp temperature fluctuations, for example, if yesterday was warm, and the rain fell, the morning is fifteen degrees below zero outside, which decreases during the day.

In those days, poor health is observed in many people, especially those who suffer from hypertension and heart disease, so it is recommended especially attentive and always have on hand medications.

While differences should refrain from heavy physical work, and plenty of rest, with special attention must be paid to the diet, the deletion of the junk food, but the plant should be preferred.

Even a healthy person these days can cause headaches, which can get rid of not only using the tablets, but also making the massage of the cervical vertebrae.
Improve your health and help healing teas, prepared, for example, camomile, mint or hawthorn, and as often as possible arrange walks.

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