How to Behave During Cold Time

Winter came, however, as noted, in recent years, the temperature often varies, which has a negative effect on the overall condition of the people.

During thaws, which is usually accompanied by rainy weather, contributing to the spread of viruses and, in this period is more common flu and colds.

Scientists have proved that churn increased temperature at the beginning of the disease is not worth it, because immunity decreases. The body itself should fight the infection, the only thing we can do is to help him in this fight. To do this, you must comply with bed rest, to include in your diet garlic, onions, vegetables and fruits.

Just as much as possible to drink the liquid, which should consist of medicinal concoctions, which are well suited cranberries, rose hips, cranberries. As for the traditional tea with honey and lemon, there is a need to follow some rules: after brewing tea, preferably green, add these ingredients it is only waiting for reducing the water temperature to 40 degrees.

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