How to beat the autumn depression?

10101621Psychologists warn that the beginning of autumn is always accompanied by an increased incidence of depressive states and other problems in humans.

Deteriorating weather, reducing the duration of daylight hours, cold – all these factors have a negative impact on the psychology of many people. And if some manage to maintain cheerfulness and positive in such moments, the others fall into a deep depression.

To avoid this fate, experts recommend the right to deal with the appearance of autumn depression. First of all, add to your diet foods that help to increase energy and improve mood. Such products include chocolate, nuts, cheese and dairy products, rice, potato, parsley, and many others. Treat yourself to new purchases – it is desirable that it was a bright and beautiful things that would be nice to put on and wear.

Very good help in the fight against depression sports. Best of all, if it will be some team sports, with which you will be able to communicate with others and receive positive emotions.

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